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Check out the following reviews of the album, "Volume One":

  • "It’s a fantastic album – the vocals are really good and remind me of Alice in Chains, while the guitar playing is even better – strong riffs and a nice heavy sound. The songs are all well written, and they sound seriously good. This is a band I think we’ll be hearing a lot more from in the next few years. An album you really need to listen to." Planet Mosh
  • "Haunting vocals liberally pepper most of the album, and with the best bits of Soundgarden, Zakk Wylde and Black Label Society added to the mix, it makes for a heady, heavy and melodious brew." Team Rock
  • "Opening track “Lowlife” does what it is supposed to and provides a flaming gateway into the soundscape for which we’ll come to know and love King Creature. It’s complete with catchy chorus, deep groove, strong rhythm section with some great drum fills and that pristine guitar sound with a Slash-esque solo for good measure. Lyrically it’s very current too." Moshville
  • "Lemmy always could pick a support band. Here’s the proof yet again. King Creature have enough talent to do whatever they choose." Maximum Volume Music
  • "Volume One, their debut album is a sheer pleasure to listen to. It shines with a quality that many an experienced band reaches for." Down The Front
  • "With an obvious love of some of Sabbath's more upbeat moments and a real appreciation of what made the somewhat gloomy sound of classic Alice In Chains as surprisingly uplifting as it was, King Creature know exactly how to straddle the 70s and 90s, while pretty much ignoring what came in between." Sea of Tranquility


...And these reviews of King Creature live:

  • "These people are steeped in rock’n’roll. It seeps forth from their pores – they do not ‘do’ it, they are it." Trakmarx
  • "Creature's brand of rock music took an almost metal, cavalier attitude to the genre, complete with metal-style breakdowns that hit you like a freight train." Due South West
  • "The crowd were going ballistic by this point, not a single person was not head banging or moshing." Music Trespass



press and reviews
press and reviews
press and reviews